Dr Julian Kilburn

Candidate for PCC

Police and Crime Commissioner
in the North-East

Vote Independent on May 6th in Northumberland and Tyne & Wear

The only non-political option for community oversight of policing in Northumbria

Let’s release the police ...
from party political divisiveness.
As a medical doctor with 30 years experience,
I bring a professional skillset including 6 years as

Police Doctor (Forensic Medical Examiner)
working alongside Northumbria Police.

Healthier Policing is… 
fresh eyes on Mental Health and 
Domestic and Sexual Abuse 

Fresh eyes are needed in the
face of recent intensification.
The police take up the slack on a huge array of mental health scenarios.

Collaborations with specialist groups
 are best strengthened with
first-hand evidence-based experience.
It is healthier than blindly signing cheques.
I will ensure none of your money is wasted.

Monitor the impact of Long Covid on our security and well-being.

Healthier Policing is
cohesive not divisive 

A “whole system” approach to anti-social behaviour builds reassurance in personal safety and confidence.

Community initiative complements strong, visible policing.

Commissioner’s Cross-Cultural Fund will ring-fence 1% of the policing budget for inventive, crossover projects

Let’s recognise the value of the
arts in rebuilding our way of life.

Healthier Policing is… 
protecting families

Addressing physical, mental and emotional impact of crime.
Environmental sustainability prioritised on every agenda.
Target an Electric Fleet and
Zero Carbon Policing.